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Daisy Cakes brings a truly innovative approach to artisanal pastry. Fran's Solar Powered Kitchen is the only eco-friendly bakery to combine decades of experience in major laboratories with the artistry of food.

Daisy Cakes are the light, moist, delicious desserts that you will feel good about sharing with your family and friends.

Daisy Cakes are made with wholesome natural ingredients.
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  Fruit Purees
  Non-Fat Yogurt and Milk
  Fresh Egg Whites

Daisy Cakes are artisanally baked to feel richly decadent and indulgent.
Fluffy icing looks and feels like buttercream with zero fat, no artificial ingredients - only fresh egg white and sugar
Flavors come from fresh fruit purees, not laboratories

Daisy Cakes come in convenient single servings.
Portion controlled to fit into your diet plan
  Each delicious 4 ounce Daisy Cake is about 200 calories
Generous 4 ounce, 4-inch cakes are the perfect size for dessert plates
Easy to serve at parties

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