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Fran’s Solar Powered Kitchen
Fran bakes a little sunshine and clean air into each Daisy Cake because her kitchen gets its electricity from the sun. In April 1998, California became the first state to allow homeowners to connect their solar power systems to the utility grid and Fran’s PV system is the first owner-installed solar power system in the state. For more information about our PV system, go to http://www.solarsolar.com/oursys.html

Daisy Cakes Desserts is a Cottage Food Operation (CFO)
On January 1, 2013, California enacted the Cottage Food Operation (AB 1616) law allowing home bakers to sell cakes to the public. On January 29, 2013, Fran’s home kitchen passed the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health inspection to become one of the first registered and permitted CFOs in the state. Fran wanted to make Daisy Cakes available to everyone so she passed the on-site inspection for direct sales to everyone and indirect sales to supply caterers, restaurants and markets with her delicious cakes and desserts.

About Daisy
Daisy adopted our family at the Los Angeles SPCA. She had a brief,  highly successful modeling and acting career appearing as the tiny kitten on Betty White's shoulder at the opening of the 1999 SPCA telethon and as a kitten in that year's SPCA billboard campaign. She was named Daisy because she was a very bright, energetic and happy kitten and  naturally had a very sweet floral scent. Daisy neither bakes nor eats Daisy Cakes.

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